The benefits of exercise

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It’s a fact that regular exercise is good for your health and can help you lose weight. This is something we have heard many times. Like most Americans, you are busy and have a sedentary work schedule. This means that you may not have changed your exercise routine. It’s never too late for you to get started. Start slowly and work your way up to more exercise. It would help if you aimed to do the recommended amount of exercise according to your age. You will feel better and be able to prevent or control many illnesses. It is possible to live longer if you do so.

What are the health benefits associated with exercise?

Regular exercise and physical activity can:

  • Exercise can help you manage your weight. It would help if you ate as many calories as you drink to maintain weight. It would help if you consumed more calories than you eat or drink to lose weight.
  • Lower your risk of developing heart disease. Exercise improves circulation and strengthens the heart. Increased blood flow increases oxygen levels. This lowers your chances of heart disease like high cholesterol and coronary heart disease. Regular exercise can help lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels.
  • Your body can manage your blood sugar and insulin levels. Your blood sugar levels can be lowered by exercising, and your insulin will work more efficiently. This can lower your chances of developing metabolic syndrome or type2 diabetes. Exercise can also help you manage a disease if you have it.
  • Help you quit smoking. It may be easier to quit smoking if you exercise. You might lose weight if you quit smoking.
  • You can improve your mental health and mood. Your body releases chemicals during exercise that can help improve your mood and reduce stress. This can help with stress and lower your chances of depression.
  • As you age, exercise will help keep your brain sharp and improve your ability to think, learn, and judge. Exercise stimulates the release of proteins and other chemicals in your body that enhance the structure and function of your brain.
  • Your bones and muscles should be strengthened. Children and teens can build strong bones by exercising regularly. It can slow down the decline in bone density as we age. Muscle-strengthening exercises can help increase or preserve your strength and muscle mass.
  • You can reduce your chances of developing certain cancers such as colon, breast, uterine and lung cancer.
  • Reduce your chance of falling. Research shows that balance and muscle-strengthening activities, combined with moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, can reduce the risk of falling for older adults.
  • Get better sleep. You can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer by exercising.
  • Your sexual health can be improved. Regular exercise can lower the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. Exercise may be beneficial for those with ED. Exercise may be able to increase the sexual arousal of women.
  • Your chances of living longer. Research shows that exercise can lower your chances of dying from some leading causes of death like heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

What can I do to make exercise part of my daily routine?

  • Make your everyday activities more active. Small changes can make a big difference. Instead of using the elevator, you can use the stairs. Instead of sending an email, walk down the hall to your coworker’s office. Wash your car by yourself. You can park further from your destination.
  • Get active with your friends. A workout partner can make it more enjoyable. Social activities that include exercise can be planned. A group of exercisers, such as a hiking club, dance class or volleyball team, might be something you consider.
  • Track your progress and set goals.
  • Exercise should be fun. Listen to music and watch TV while you exercise. Mix it up. If you do not like the same type of exercise, you may get bored. You might try a variety of activities.
  • Look for activities you can do indoors or outdoors.


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