Look for These 5 Things in Maternity Insurance

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Becoming parents is an exciting life event, and Aussie couples are naturally eagerly looking forward to this important transition. However, with rising living expenses and medical costs, it has become crucial for aspiring parents to take maternity insurance to ensure they are able to access the highest quality of care and treatment during pregnancy. 

However, when it comes to Australian maternity insurance, there are plenty of things you need to look out for so that you have the best health coverage during such a crucial time in your life. Here are a few things to check out when getting maternity health insurance:

The conditions that are covered by your maternity insurance

Every pregnancy is different, and so will be the care it requires. With rising costs linked with maternity care and treatment, it is vital that your insurance offers maximum coverage right from the initial stage of your pregnancy. 

There will be ample visits to the gynaecologist, medical examinations to keep a check on the mother-to-be and child’s health, medicines and other pregnancy-related tests to validate that the pregnancy is healthy, and more. 

These tests and visits are essential and the bills can add up. So, get a head start and take time to look through the best health insurance deals and select maternity insurance that offers coverage for all of these tests alongside hospital stays, treatment costs, etc.

The waiting period for your maternity insurance 

Public and private hospitals in Australia offer high-quality treatments and services for pregnancies; making them both excellent choices. If you are opting for private maternity insurance, you might have a waiting period of twelve months, during which you will not be able to make claims for costs associated with your pregnancy. 

You could also be required to pay for out-of-pocket expenses, including gap fees and any extra charges that are outside the cover spectrum of your insurance. It is therefore recommended that you discuss charges with your doctors beforehand to be sure they are covered under your insurance plan, and if not, set about comparing Australian health care plans in regards to pregnancy

The extent of privacy you want after giving birth

Things to consider when deciding which health care plan is best for you is that you may have to share a room if you choose to give birth in a public hospital, and this might be inconvenient for some. However, if you are looking for privacy in any private hospital, then private health insurance can help. From more opportunities to being able to choose the doctors who will tend to you and having flexibility regarding giving birth in a particular hospital of your choosing, to receiving in-patient care (some policies might even cover costs related to fertility issues) and even getting that private room all to yourself; the benefits are many.

Notably, you can also avail of care and treatment at a public hospital with your private health insurance, but the charges can be more than usual (and these might not be covered by your insurance provider). 

The premium you will be paying

Like other insurance plans, where you will have to pay a monthly premium, maternity insurance is no different. There are different parameters that decide how much premium you will be paying. For instance, things like age, specific health needs, policy type and its tier, family income, and location are a few factors that will come into play in deciding the premium you will be paying. 

This makes it crucial to compare policies, looking closely at what they will cover, who they will cover and how much gap you could be required to pay or what must be fully paid for. Above all, it is also important that you consider your ability to pay premiums when choosing a plan for yourself. Also, take into account factors like hospital cover, extras, and ambulance cover as well to avoid last-minute surprises.

Physiotherapy, pre-natal and post-natal and other care

Pregnancy starts with the day you conceive, and as every pregnancy is different, you will need specific care that helps you through the journey, whether it’s prenatal care, assistance during delivery, or postnatal care. It is important to check if the insurance you are opting for offers these requirements. 

These are often counted as extras and should cover outpatient treatments. Notably, as post-natal depression is a growing concern in Australia, insurance will ensure you are able to afford mental health therapy and support through this new and often very challenging time. 


Pregnancy is inevitably an exciting but major life change that calls for advanced preparedness and planning. Maternity insurance is a big step towards ensuring there’s one less thing to worry about. With rising costs of living and potential complications during pregnancy, maternity insurance will act as a safety net against any financial strain while enabling you to avail of assistance, care, and necessary treatments. By taking into account all of the terms and conditions and comparing the available maternity coverage plans, you can choose the best health insurance policy to meet your needs and have peace of mind during this wonderful journey.

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