Spike in viral infections, Covid-like illnesses

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According to reports, a new Covid strain detected in China last February is spreading around the world. Eris and EG.5.1 share the same symptoms, including colds, fevers, coughs, & a rash. However, no severe cases have been reported. On July 19, the World Health Organization classified EG.5.1 variant as one under monitoring.

In India, doctors have also reported an increase in Covid-like illness amongst all age groups. In May, a person with Covid was diagnosed in Pune. The new variant wasn’t identified until August.

Covid-like symptoms

According to a study conducted by Local Circles (an online survey platform) among 19,000 residents in the Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, and Karnataka areas, one-third of households in Karnataka and one-fifth in Delhi-NCR and one-sixth in Maharashtra have someone with viral or Covid symptoms.

Participants in the survey were 63% men and 37% women.

Dr Altaf Patel of Jaslok Research Centre & Hospital, Mumbai, confirms the increase in flu cases in Mumbai. “Covid, which is also flu, has similar symptoms, such as loss in smell and taste, along with other common symptoms. As COVID tests aren’t done on all cases, it is impossible to classify the fever cases. These are Covid-like illness. Not everyone with flu symptoms will be tested. “The new Covid-19 Eris variant seems to be milder, and cases may go unnoticed because not everyone visits a hospital if they have a cold or cough for one day or two.”

“Covid tests are not required for all cases of fever.”

The doctors in Bengaluru are reporting cases of fever and cough along with dengue and conjunctivitis.

In an interview with Happiest Health, Dr Supraja Chandrasekar of Dhee Hospitals in Bangalore explains that toddlers and children are developing viral infections, which are Covid-like diseases.

She says, “Cov,id is just like any other virus infection.” “We see Covid-like illness with upper respiratory symptoms. In some cases, this leads to bronchiolitis a common lung infection in children. We do not conduct the Covid test currently. In such cases, we perform an RT-PCR test. We have not come across any Covid-positive cases.”

Some children have required hospitalization, and others have been prescribed nebulization using oxygen cylinders in order to stabilize the saturation levels in the blood.

According to the Covid daily data from the BBMP (Bengaluru’s civic authority), there were only five cases reported in the city on August 13.


He says that viral infections and COVID-like illnesses are more prevalent in the post-Covid era. “Many factors are at play with Bangalore having a greater impact. The weather in Bangalore, which is characterized by temperature changes and the monsoon, also plays an important role. “There’s a higher level of awareness after Covid, which leads to more cases reported.”

He says that, unlike the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, when people were isolated at home, today’s children are more vulnerable and have a lower immunity as the normalization of life continues.

The various COVID-19 versions weaken the natural defenses.

Citizens Hospital in Hyderabad says that there has been no increase in viral infections at the moment.

He says, “Eri,s is the new variant Omicron, Eris has raised concerns.” But at the moment, there has not been a sudden increase. There are Covid-like symptoms, but they are all mild. “We do not conduct RT-PCR on all of these cases unless a person is seriously ill and needs hospitalization.”

How to prevent the spread of infection

  • Hand hygiene is important.
  • Avoid touching your face frequently.
  • Covering the mouth when coughing and not spitting in public places is proper etiquette.
  • Isolating yourself during coughing and colds.
  • Masks should be worn in public places, particularly by those aged 65 years and older, as well as children.
  • Get the pneumococcal and influenza vaccines.


Eris, a new Covid-19 variant, was found in an August case of a patient who had been sick since May. Experts suggest that preventive measures be taken to reduce the spread of flu in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Many cases of flu could be missed because not everyone with a fever requires a Covid test.

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