Want to reinstall your clouds? Do not worry as window 10 update will soon enables you to reinstall your clouds

November 18, 2021 by No Comments

If someone is not using Window 10 then it will be a good way to make them to reinstall their window 10. They can do do by just going online as revealed by the officials of Microsoft. Company have revealed a preview about this information. Windows 10 insider preview build, as it is named, has a new option. When you will reset your PC your window will tie up to the cloud download of windows. Which is a must needed option every body wants to have .

Before this thing, people when they reset their pc they have to use external copy of their software which is stored inside of their PC. This is a bit hard and it can get damaged and are at the risk of corruption or other faults.

You will find the option of reset in the recovery section of your windows settings. It is named as “Reset this PC” menu on the windows settings. When you will select this option then you will be able to I stall the window. The window will be of same build, version and edition as it was installed before. While before ths feature Reset this PC used to use local files from your storage to build a new window installations from the existing files of your PC.

Basically, you will save your time while reinstalling it and it will be less risky now as it was considered before. It was a good step taken by the officials of Microsoft. People will now be very happy from this feature and will obviously use it frequently. Releasing new and interesting features will help the company to grow a bit stronger. People use their products and are Keen to know that what will be next update or there will be new features for them in the next update for their recent windows. This new feature called “cloud download option” will be available for every single devices using Windows 10.

But, it will be different from the option you may have seen in your older version of Windows 10 named “Recover from the cloud”. This feature was not available in all the revised but the recent feature is available for every Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft says the new addition was inspired by users saying they would prefer to use their high-speed internet connection to speed up the re-install process by just downloading Windows. So, keeping the value of their costumer in mind they have decided to make this wish of their consumers should be fulfilled. This will make them grow more between the people.

Doing this will delete all the apps you have in your PC and if you will select remove everything option then you will also lose all your data. This all is done in the hope that there will be more uptake of Windows 10 among people. Recent figures from the company show that its Windows 10 May 2019 Update rollout has accelerated speedily, with the upgrade now on 33 percent of Windows 10 machines – that figure having tripled since the previous month.

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